12. Moving


Life changes. (The full-color version is on its way.)

It’s true; my family’s relocating to the state of Utah, and the trailer leaves this Monday. This is the main reason for the extended six-month comic hiatus and unexpected three-month sketch hiatus the site recently experienced. Had my junior year started as I’d hoped, I might have had more new content for you guys to enjoy. But being burdened by the new cross country season, difficult classes, and (especially) the move took its toll on me, and I wasn’t able to get anything done until fairly recently.

Unfortunately, ending my career at SHS also means turning in my nifty school-issued laptop/tablet–this time for good. That doesn’t mean the end of the strip, though. While you should expect another (short) hiatus while I’m finding and purchasing my next drawing tablet, I still have plans for “Shenanigans: A Life”, and Dustlander Productions isn’t going anywhere.

I can’t thank all of you readers enough for the support you’ve given me over the years. I don’t have much to show for it, but making these few webcomics has really changed me. Here’s to many more years of cartoony goodness. Oh, and check out my Patreon.

This is my real name.

– Andrew

Technical/Emotional Difficulties

Technical and Emotional Difficulties

Oh, and Dustlander Productions is officially one year old! (Yay…)

Sorry about the lack of a February comic. Y’all know I would try to draw everything in the world for you if I could. Maybe I’ll get one out this month. I might surprise myself, y’know?

UPDATE: This post sort of replaces the Sketch in my usual production cycle (which is Comic, Video, Commission, Sketch, if you haven’t noticed). I’ll get one up eventually.