Happy Friday! I’ve been teasing the reveal of some new characters on social media, and, well, here they are. They’re still a little rough around the edges, but I just couldn’t wait to share them with you.

Ironwood is an animated series I want to produce someday. If you’re a longtime reader, you might recognize a couple of these guys from concept art that I have worked on since mid-2015. Well, you can ignore all that now. I’ve revised the character designs and settled on a style that I feel is distinct, appealing, and simple enough for animation.

Here’s the main cast: Christie, Ted, Tommy, Vincent, Indigo, Liberty, and Guzman. These seven characters are caught up in a thrilling drama set in the town of Ironwood, Nevada. I hope to tell a realistic story that audiences can relate to, while exploring themes of hope and redemption. There’ll be plenty of action too!

More on this project as it develops!

IRONWOOD: Vincent 3

Check it out, everyone. I’ve had a couple of designs for Vincent Cannon (the protagonist of Ironwood) for a while now, and here they are.

The top-left version might be what he will look like in the Ironwood animated series (which isn’t real, but, y’know, there’s always hope). It was fun coloring Vincent in this relatively simple fashion, which I understand is necessary for this kind of animation. The three other designs are a little prettier, if only because I threw some paint on them in Adobe Sketch (rather than just doing blocks of color). You also get to see Vincent in various stages of undress–take that how you will.

These somewhat finalized Ironwood character designs take a while, but I hope to post more of them in the future… maybe even a full-body Vincent at some point!

Skeptical Cal

Um, so yeah. I can’t believe I haven’t “officially” posted this yet.

If you’re an avid fan of SaL (of which there are probably two), you might have noted this extraordinary animation hiding in Cal’s character page. But due to a temporary hiatus in comics (oh, stop whining, I’ll post one… sometime) as well as being completely exhausted after finals, it’s now made its appearance as an official post. Hooray!

I’m aware that the motion is a little choppy, but keep in mind that this is my very first foray into the magical world of Disney animation. I’ve got a few ideas for more GIFs and the like (in fact, “3. Mormon” was originally a fully-fledged GIF of Art dancing in his tux and glasses), but my extremely busy schedule is going to put those on hold for the time being. Cal will have to do for now.