NOTE: All of these descriptions are a tad outdated. I’ll update them someday (hopefully).

The Forging

There Can Be Only OneOriginally known as Project LEGEND, and has had three different versions (for example, Keep Running is from Version 2, while There Can Be Only One is from Version 3). After her parents and best friend were killed as a child, Hera Runde has been on the run, training and preparing herself for when her vengeance would finally come. Now that moment is here, as she realizes the killer is making an appearance in the Forge, a great tourney of heroes held once every 100 years. Taking on the alias of Steele and clad in her father’s priceless armor, she has no idea what dangers await her inside the tournament… or what ghosts of the past may haunt her there.

Moon Man

Back to Back

Since the Great Wars centuries ago, Sagan Pulse, his family, and other humans have lived amongst great danger in the wasteland that used to be North America. When Sagan’s wife is killed, he has no choice but to escape to the stars for help, his three children tagging behind him. Unfortunately, even more conflict waits above the atmosphere for Sagan and the kids, and the help of a certain “Little” Moon Man may need to be enlisted to survive.

The Steampunks

The Steampunks

Formerly known as Project STEAMPUNK, oddly enough [insert sarcasm here]. From the crevices of the post-apocalyptic, steam-powered Rift emerge two foolish heroes, an amnesiac/amputee and an optimist. When a natural disaster and a shocking betrayal turn everyone in the city against them, they must work together to build some metal legs and, well, save the world, or something.


Welcome to Ironwood

Vincent Cannon hasn’t had the cleanest record before 1989, criminal or otherwise, but a chance for redemption (as a Private  Eye) brings him to the under-construction city of Ironwood, Nevada. Vincent is quickly caught up in illegal endeavors and danger of all kinds, but also discovers the secret goodness that can survive in the worst circumstances. When he chooses to follow a hunch and change his ways, he unknowingly begins the greatest battle that Ironwood has ever seen… one that, one way or another, he’ll have to fight for himself in.

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