Mr. Brightside

Mr. BrightsideBrandon is also (coincidentally) Mormon. Check out his “I’m a Mormon” video at!

Original Original Original Brightside

If whoever made this has problems with this image on this website, I will take it (and the others) down. Good? Good.

I'm Phone Brightside

You could consider this a “secret” post. Only the truest fans will find this and download it! Prob… probably.


EDIT: I think I’ve finally found where the original image came from: a source on Pintrest (see left). It seems that Cal edited it from a phone wallpaper to a standard desktop one (I still haven’t asked him about it). Whoever made it is officially awesome.

In a sort-of celebration that I’ve finally discovered the image’s origin, I’ve made a commemorative phone wallpaper–once again of Art in Brandon’s place (see right).


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