Character Redesign: Longlegs

Wow, I’m running out of redesigns! This is the third out of four, and it happens to be my favorite. I did it in AP World History class on the back of a worksheet, but hey, looks good to me.

Yep, it’s Longlegs… and, as I wrote in the caption above, he’s done some growing up since last time. That, and his metal appendages have been altered to look sturdier and simpler. I certainly like the changes, but do they mean anything for his character?

Well, we could go into the backstory of the costume itself. Longlegs didn’t start off his life in the Rift wearing that fanciful brown overcoat; rather, it’s given to him by fellow protagonist Grea. Before he can ask her where she got it, however, she’s already run off to her workshop to build him a new set of his iconic, well, legs. Because Longlegs is her Mandate (which means he is her sole responsibility), Grea takes great pride in designing and constructing the “Longlegs MK II”, “MK III”, and beyond. Each pair of legs has its own function, and some pack a devastating punch.

I don’t want to give too much away, though. I’ve got lots in store for you guys. See you in a few days!

Captain Wither

After yet another family reunion (and a couple days of downtime), ol’ Dusty’s back! Meet Captain Wither, the leader of a half-crime-fighting, half-criminal group in The Steampunks— the Privateers. Silent most of the time and deadly in even the kindest of situations, this “old guy” has been catering for himself and the rest of his comrades for decades. Along the way, it looks like he’s lost an arm eye and a leg defending/attacking others… but hey, that’s nothing to stop a veteran warrior with more than 40 years of experience under his bronze belt.

The thing is, almost everyone who knows the inappropriately-named Wither knows him a little differently. While Privateers like Grea have formed close enough relationships to call him “Dad” (although he hates it), no one knows how he accumulated so many injuries, who gave him his mechanical wheel/leg, or how he’s kept up the fighting all these years.

Once a certain amnesiac (from The Steampunks) awakens in the care of the Privateers, however, the mysteries about the old captain begin to unravel themselves. Noting the similarities between his prosthetics and Wither’s, Longlegs instantly becomes suspicious and obsessed with not only discovering his own secrets, but Wither’s as well. As you can tell, that’s just conflict waiting to happen.

That’s it for this old man! And even though it didn’t turn out amazing like the others (the shading was darker on this one), check out the last free alternate sketch (see right).


The Steampunks

I know you’re probably itching for a description, so I’ll get on with the (nonexistent) pleasantries. The boy on the left doesn’t know his own description, let alone his name or how old he is (although we’re assuming late teens); he’s awoken in a vast, steam-powered world with danger around every corner. Oh, and he has quite noticeable cybernetic legs from the knee down, worthy of his nickname “Longlegs”. This only adds to the mystery.

But who would give him this silly nickname, you ask? None other than the girl on the right, who’s survived in the Rift long enough to get her her own name: “Grea” (pronounced “Gree”). It should be obvious from her Rosie the Riveter-esque pose, the wrench in hand and various bandages and grease stains, but to those who haven’t guessed: she’s a mechanic. And an optimist, as clear from her facial expression.

That’ll be it for these new characters from Project STEAMPUNK… for now. But remember that kid from “Keep Running“? Yeah… hate to tell you, but he, one of my oldest and longest-running characters, is currently being reworked into an entirely new series. A new protagonist named Hera will shortly be taking his place in Project LEGEND. More on this as it develops.