FANART: Just Another Sans Fanart

Oh August, how I’ve missed you. [SARCASM INTENSIFIES]

I think this post should go without saying; that is, a description isn’t necessary. Since Toby Fox dropped Undertale last September, it’s been a worldwide (or at least Internet-wide) phenomenon. I didn’t hop on the bandwagon right away; I didn’t even get interested in the game until this last spring. And despite the fact that I am literally posting Undertale fanart, I’m not really a part of its fanbase. I sort of like the game for what it is: a delicately-crafted spiritual successor to Earthbound that happened to come out just when people were ready for it. I haven’t even played the game all the way through, but then again, I probably will someday. After all, I did just get around to finally seeing Batman V Superman.

Moving on. Sans is quite the character, and he’s one of my favorites in Undertale. There’s just something about his iconic design and his personality, or the fact that he ends up being so dang hard to kill. I don’t quite buy the theory that he is actually Ness from the Mother series, but hey, it’s fun to think about. You might notice that I tweaked Sans’ design slightly for my take on him–most fanart depicts him with an undershirt, and not exposed ribs. Well, let’s just say that I did that intentionally, and that I did so to differentiate him from all the other fanart of him. (Not like it was on accident or anything.)

I’ll be posting again soon! Keep enjoying the summer while you still can–I know I will! I’ll start by listening to “Megalovania” for perhaps the hundredth time.

IRONWOOD: Indigo Redesign

Hi again! I’m writing from the past once more, and I’m scheduling this post for the 25th (at which time I will be about to attend another family reunion–just like last summer!).

This, in and of itself, could be considered a redesign. When I first drew Ironwood‘s Indigo (see here), I definitely got the attitude I was looking for… sassy and confident, and curiously dangerous. But I just couldn’t get her outfit down, hence the need for another quick sketch of her. (Seriously, I finished this in like two days.)

A few of the differences are obvious. Since Vincent left Ironwood, she’s cut her hair, and her sunglasses have become a more prominent part of her look. Her skirt has been replaced with the grunge-y ripped jeans of the ’80s and ’90s, and she’s swapped her Mary Janes for more practical combat/hiking boots. Finally, though it’s been shrunk to a more presentable size, her trademark hat remains… as does her revolver, which is of a luxurious golden color as opposed to Vincent’s sterling silver. The two characters’ weapons of choice being so similar is no accident; far from it. These pistols are, in fact, legendary; however, the characters don’t know the extent of that myth just yet.

Thanks for reading! Take your time enjoying the rest of my posts, for I won’t be back until the first of August. (I’ve updated my DeviantArt a great deal as well!)


Wow, I’m running out of redesigns! This is the third out of four, and it happens to be my favorite. I did it in AP World History class on the back of a worksheet, but hey, looks good to me.

Yep, it’s Longlegs… and, as I wrote in the caption above, he’s done some growing up since last time. That, and his metal appendages have been altered to look sturdier and simpler. I certainly like the changes, but do they mean anything for his character?

Well, we could go into the backstory of the costume itself. Longlegs didn’t start off his life in the Rift wearing that fanciful brown overcoat; rather, it’s given to him by fellow protagonist Grea. Before he can ask her where she got it, however, she’s already run off to her workshop to build him a new set of his iconic, well, legs. Because Longlegs is her Mandate (which means he is her sole responsibility), Grea takes great pride in designing and constructing the “Longlegs MK II”, “MK III”, and beyond. Each pair of legs has its own function, and some pack a devastating punch.

I don’t want to give too much away, though. I’ve got lots in store for you guys. See you in a few days!

FANART: Link as an Old Man

Honestly, summer’s sort of dragging along for me. It’s not nearly as restful or exciting as I’d hoped it would be… but that’s normal, I think.

Enough of that–I’ve got a great sketch for you today! The Internet has been abuzz about the new title in the Legend of Zelda franchise, Breath of the Wild, but I had in fact been working on this sketch for months before that game was even revealed. It’s hard to tell here, but the man above is none other than (arguably) the most important incarnation of Link, the Hero of Time. He’s pushing sixty or seventy, physically–but because he’s done so much time traveling over the years, his mind is well over a hundred years old. And his adventures didn’t stop after Majora’s Mask, either.

Indeed, in my own fanfiction/head canon, no one truly knew where Link went after the events of that game. One might presume he wandered the Lost Woods and fan-named Catacombs for ages, or that he traveled to distant lands and fought evil there. Regardless, the citizens of Hyrule do know one thing: centuries after his first disappearance, he’s back (albeit as an old man) to find the Master Sword and save the land one last time. This would be comparable to Han Solo’s return in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

I almost think it would be cool for this story to make it into a game; not just any game, but an N64-style title (graphics and all) that would complete a so-called “Hero of Time Trilogy”. Seems like a good idea to me–what about you?

IRONWOOD: Firecracker

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! I hope you’re having a better time than I am, because I’ve come down with a nasty cold. Seriously, being sick during the summer is the worst.

You’re probably not going to read this directly on the Fourth, however–and that means that all the planning I did to introduce this American-themed character on a national holiday was probably a waste of time. But never mind that; if you’re still reading, you probably want to know about her.

I can’t reveal much, as this character (a vigilante loosely inspired by Captain America and calling herself “Firecracker”) has a secret identity crucial to the plot of Ironwood. Like Vincent, this masked combatant often works against the local law enforcement (which is ridiculously understaffed when compared to the city’s massive criminal network). Unlike our protagonist, however, Firecracker has the purest of intentions and simply wants to create justice and order out of the chaos that is Ironwood. She’s a patriot, too, and vandalizes the worn-down city with paintballs of red, white, and blue to prove her point. If that seems a little illogical… well, that’s because it is. Teenagers are crazy.

Finally, as Vincent’s friend Tommy would say: “Ten bucks says she listens to country music.” I’d take that bet.

Little Man

I’m back! Did you miss me?

Psych–at the time that you’re reading this, I’m somewhere out in the wilderness doing church things. But I’m currently writing this just after publishing my last post, so I really don’t feel like I’ve gone anywhere.

Compared to my previous redesign, this alteration to Little Man’s original appearance doesn’t seem too substantial. I, too, was pretty sure (at least a few months ago) that the little astronaut’s classic suit and diminutive stature would never change too much. Honestly, they haven’t, but this time around, the space explorer’s previous weapons–two heat-blasting cuffs that would function similar to Iron Man’s repulsors–have been swapped for a larger firearm complete with used ammo blasting out of its chamber. I thought that Little Man, a representative of the United States, could use a larger gun for an even bigger impression. I also think that his size relative to the blaster is quite funny. Is it just me?

I’ve really got to go. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a few days with a continuation of this American theme! (*cough* Fourth of July *cough cough*).

FANART: Batkirby V Supermario

I’m short on time again; thankfully, I think this post explains itself.

The funny thing is, I haven’t even seen Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice yet. I know, I know, it’s been out since this March–and no, I’m not planning on seeing the R-rated cut that’s due for release sometime next month. Heck, I felt like I didn’t even need to see it after that second trailer (which pretty much revealed the entire plot). So there’s that bit of information.

Regardless, I did like the concept of the movie before the thousands of lackluster reviews came in. I had hoped it would be good, so I drew this depiction of the titular fight before said letdown. Unless you have a severe lack of pop culture knowledge, the image above should be pretty funny and/or cool (I hope…?). I’ve combined the all-American Superman with the heroic plumber Mario, and merged the dark and brooding Batman with the immensely similar character of Meta Knight (who is actually more like Zorro than anyone else… but I digress). It appears that they’re about to throw down, but you never know… perhaps their battle will instead lead to the formation of a Super Smash League or something.

I’m going to be gone until July 2nd at a church camp focusing on preparation for missionary service (see “3. Mormon“!). However, that doesn’t mean that you readers will be without content! Indeed, I’m about to write up the next post and set it for release on the 1st. I’ll then resume posting the sketches according to my regular schedule.


It’s sort of hard to settle into summer when I have all these posts to write and publish! That, and I have loads of other things to do–I’m taking on two jobs, and I’ve got some major work to do to get my DeviantArt up-to-date. I guess I can’t complain–I’ve sort of forced this  upon myself, so…

Let’s get to the description. What you may not know about my original series The Forging is that it takes many tropes and clichés from classic medieval fairy tales–dragons, beanstalks, and magic–and turns them on their heads. One of these twists sits above this text, clothed in green and leaping away with her crossbow, poised to strike… indeed, Robin of Huud is a nod to the traditional character of Robin Hood. There are some key differences, which you’ve probably already noticed (namely, her skin tone, gender, and ethnic descent). At heart, though, Robin is the same thieving rogue we all know her/him to be… in The Forging, she is just presented in a different way.

A keen-eyed reader might notice that Robin is part of the tribe of Huud–a nomadic group mainly based in the southern portion of The Forging‘s world. Robin is a skilled combatant when armed with ranged weapons–knives, bows, boomerangs and the like–and her good friend Hera can attest to this. Indeed, prior to the events of the story, the two traveled together, with the Huud tribe taking Hera under its wing. Coincidentally, this is how Hera became so skilled with the boomerang (the tribe’s traditional weapon). The Forge, a gathering place for warriors such as these, will undoubtedly be the place of Hera and Robin’s reunion… for better or for worse.

Hera Redesign

Forgive me if this post is a little brief–Cal’s been waiting to watch Inception with me for ages and tonight happens to be the night.

Anywho, I’m happy to introduce the first of multiple character redesigns I have planned over the summer. Here we see the mischievous Hera, dressed in the garb of a rogue (though her torn dress implies that she’s seen some danger recently). Despite her harmless appearance as a traveling minstrel, she’s actually one of the deadliest fighters around–the problem is, she has trouble wielding the sword that she so subtly hides here. Give her a boomerang any day, and she’ll knock the next guy’s head off. But a sword? Even the sword of her father? It’s a wonder she can even fumble her way through a single battle.

I really do have to go, but for those of you who are wondering, the armor from Hera’s first appearance isn’t going anywhere. This post simply shows her near the beginning of her journey in The Forging, when she hasn’t yet gathered any pieces of her father’s armor quite yet. In time, she’ll gain confidence in the suit and face off against champions from across the land in it; for now, though, her redesign leaves her vulnerable and agile as I originally intended her to be.

That’ll be it! Ciao!

IRONWOOD: Characters

I don’t want to make this post too text-heavy, so I’ll get right to it. As one might discern, each character resides in the city of Ironwood, Nevada–a Las Vegas wannabe that has been declared a ghost town by the Mineral County government.

Starting on the left is Indigo Roth, a biker and con artist not unlike our protagonist Vincent Cannon in his youth. Her present appearance depicts her four years prior to the events of Ironwood, in which she and Vincent had a brief short-term relationship. She’s dressed to kill in heels, a duster-like jacket and her iconic Cavalier hat. Despite aiding Vincent when he returns to Ironwood, many characters don’t trust Indigo, or even see her recklessness as an outward threat.

Tomás “Tommy” Flores is the most eccentric of the bunch, and is Vincent’s longtime friend. Though Vincent doesn’t always understand his awkward social skills, sporadic bursts of ADHD, or obsession with aviation, he’s always taken Tommy under his wing and shown him the way through the world. When Vincent left four years ago, Tommy followed suit and pursued his passion by attending flight school in Reno. Nobody believes him when he claims he can fly a plane, but he knows that someday he’ll prove them all wrong.

And lastly: a unnamed character who will be revealed later. As with Indigo, she appears here as she did in 1985. I can’t tell you too much about her just yet, but if the above sketch is anything to go off of, she’s skilled with a paintball gun and seems adept at fighting for her cause. The question is, what cause?