Merry Christmas!


Dusty’s back, baby! Now armed with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, I’m more than ready to get back to work. Hope you all had a great day!


12. Moving

Life changes. (The full-color version is here; I left the first two panels for symbolism’s sake.)



“11. Drawing” Time-Lapse!

With school having started a few weeks ago, I can’t tell y’all how good it feels to finally post something. That’s right–it’s the time-lapse of “11. Drawing” that’s been in development heck for the past four months! Hopefully it doesn’t jump around too fast for you (I might make an slower extended version to remedy that…).

I’ve also got an announcement to make. Time-lapses are a nice addition to the extensive amount of drawing I do, but they definitely take up a lot of my time (no pun intended). In this video, for example, I had to cut, paste, and speed up over twenty hours of footage–no joke! That’s why I’m deciding not to make any more time-lapses–at least not for the regular comics. I’d rather make higher-quality content for all of you to enjoy, like more comics and more animations, than spend time on this sort of novelty video. They’re neat, but that’s the extent of their value to me. (The soundtrack is legit too.)

Thanks all for your support in making these videos–I’m not through with YouTube just yet, but it’ll take time before I have anything new to post. Hopefully I’ll surprise you guys with some of my upcoming work, though!

A New Challenge

Yep, that special time of year has rolled around again–it’s the last day of school! I know I posted yesterday and all, but I still have to wrap things up before I turn my school-issued laptop in during seventh period today.

So, guys… it’s been an interesting year. I’d like to say that things went well–that I had a lot of fun learning how to drive, turning sixteen, and turning out another six installments in Shenanigans: A Life. And I did enjoy those things. But to forget the hard times–like almost getting in a car accident, having an awkward one-sided relationship (yes, it’s about time y’all knew about that), and failing to meet my goal of making a comic every month–to forget those hard times would be to forget half of the year itself.

I tend to mess around a lot on this blog, posting sporadically and really doing whatever my heart pleases. It might surprise a lot of you guys, but in real life, I’m very shy and I’m always very busy with piles of coursework. If I had the time to draw more, you guys know I would. But I never quite get everything done, this website included.

I’m not going to drag on for forever, but you get the point. I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the comic (using their real names) once again: Gunnar, Caleb, Alexa, and Maslin, among many others (including everyone from the last hiatus announcement). Because that’s exactly what this post is–an announcement. With the start of the summer comes the start of the annual SaL hiatus, and this year I happen to be taking on a job as a swimming instructor to boot.

However, I implore you not to despair! As with Coming Soon!, I have a lot in store for you guys over the next few months (I’ve got more than ten new images primed and ready to upload, in fact!). Dustlander Productions will be stronger than ever this summer, and I welcome the challenge. No, I accept it.

Thanks all,

– Dustlander

Technical/Emotional Difficulties

Technical and Emotional Difficulties

Oh, and Dustlander Productions is officially one year old! (Yay…)

Sorry about the lack of a February comic. Y’all know I would try to draw everything in the world for you if I could. Maybe I’ll get one out this month. I might surprise myself, y’know?

UPDATE: This post sort of replaces the Sketch in my usual production cycle (which is Comic, Video, Commission, Sketch, if you haven’t noticed). I’ll get one up eventually.


“8. Faith” Time-Lapse!

There’s just no way getting around this first part: I’m on YouTube!

That’s right–the most famous video-sharing site on Earth couldn’t hide from me forever. Part of the reason “8. Faith” took so long to make, really, is because I was recording the whole time! Hopefully this lets y’all know how much time and effort goes into each and every panel. (Look at the clock in the lower right-hand corner… yikes.)

Of course such a cool, albeit shaky, video wouldn’t be complete with some rad beats. And thus Cal got involved. He seriously busted a gut getting this song done in time for the release, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Thanks so much, bud! In return, I’ll redirect my readers straight to your SoundCloud.

In the meantime, I wouldn’t count on a new comic before 2015 is out. If I get one done, it’ll be pretty close… I’m pretty backed up on work right now, mostly because the caricatures have become a huge hit! Thanks for all of your commissions, pageviews, likes, etc. throughout the year–I really couldn’t have done it without you guys, even if there are only a few of you. Oh well. And with that, I’m off!


Huh, someone looks familiar–oh, right, it’s Ace from 2. Homecoming! But what is he doing here??

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce my first specified type of paid commission available: caricatures! (In layman’s terms, that means I’ll draw your mug in the form of a profile picture for an affordable price.) Options include just the white background version ($10.00) or a package including both a white background and a cool custom one like the explosion here ($20.00)!

As I said, these headshots are perfect for your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media, especially if you want to personalize an account without revealing your real face to the whole internet. Being a freelance artist, I also work on a case-by-case basis, which means no more boring templates or restrictive avatar editors and more unique, customized awesomeness in my distinct, fun style!

As always with this type of commission, I’ll need a very detailed description of your face or a clear photo in good lighting. Any personal photos sent to me will not be shared with the general public or posted on the site… in fact, let’s get real, I’ll probably delete them afterwards to protect your privacy. If I’ve already drawn you in a comic or I know you personally, this might not be necessary. In both cases, those who pay $10.00 for the custom background will have to describe their idea for a background in their proposal. (Examples include explosions, lasers, lightning, rainbows, etc.)

Contact me at to propose your caricature’s design (EDIT: or, use the brand-new caricature designer!), and feel free to comment on this post if you have any questions. Thank you and thanks to Ace of Hurts for letting me use his caricatures!

Sophomore Year

EDIT: Oh! Sorry about what appears to be faded words here. This was drawn on the back of a church pamphlet. Anyway…

Well, you knew it was coming, but you probably didn’t think it was coming so soon! It’s that time of year again and Cal and I are making a smashing return, which means more comics, more sketches, more of basically everything! Getting back my laptop tomorrow will certainly speed up the process of drawing, editing, and posting all this cool stuff… I can’t wait!

Of course, some of you may be wondering: “How often will he post comics this year?”, “What will happen to his other projects?”, or even, “Didn’t he get a haircut the last time I saw him?”. Rest assured that all these questions will be answered in due time. For now, I advise you to enjoy the above sketch or perhaps the second season of Gravity Falls.

That’s it! The first comic of the year should be up in a few days… let the Shenanigans begin!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon Dustlander

I suppose this is about 24 hours late, but you should just be glad I got it online before the last day of school!

That’s right, guys. I’m taking a break from Shenanigans: A Life. Not voluntarily, of course–we’re required to turn in our school computers tomorrow as they are, well, school property. I’ve been drawing the regular strips and other digital art on my school laptop, so all artwork of that type will have to wait until September.

But if you think is getting shut down, you couldn’t be more wrong! Not only am I expanding to the extremely well-known DeviantArt community (and I’ve already done so–check out everything I’ve put on there here!), but I am also going to keep the site running. If I get internet access through my home computer (which is unlikely, but possible), I may even be able to scan in and post the dozens of sketches that I’ve put work into over the year. Trust me, it’s good stuff! You won’t want to miss it.

Along with the sketches are a few “secret” projects I’m working on. They’re much more story-driven, face-paced and action-filled than SaL will ever be, so I’m going to need more time before actually starting their comic art. Still, be aware that some of the characters from these projects, including the newly-reworked Project LEGEND and the slightly-revealed Project STEAMPUNK, will likely make appearances in sketch posts. Another reason you won’t want to let Dustlander Productions get, well, too dusty.

That’ll be it for now. But I’d like to thank everyone that made this first year of Shenanigans: A Life and Dustlander Productions a success. Shoutouts to my friends and family, including Lauren, Aiden, Caleb, Maslin, Alexa, and Anthony–you know who you are! 🙂

Stay classy, everyone, and here’s hoping September doesn’t roll around too quickly!

– Dustlander