WARNING: I wrote most of the following as a freshman, and this page needs an update, but I’m too lazy to write it right now. Cheers.

Hello Internet! Welcome to the Dustlander Productions website, home of the webcomic Shenanigans: A Life. The comic stars my splitting image, Art the Artist, and his twin brother, Cal, as they make their way through high school. My other artwork will also be posted periodically, especially over the summer when Shenanigans comics go on hiatus.

If you were looking for this website, cool! You probably know me personally and I gave the URL to you. Or you’re some other person that I’d be happy to meet.

If you were not looking for this website, that’s also great–I’m hoping this comic will grow over time and become more and more fleshed out with new “fans” or “followers” or whatever the kids call them these days. If you’re just here to hate on my work, I’m sorry that you feel that way and I strongly urge you to leave.

A useful note: Up until my junior year of high school, I lived in the Seattle area and many of my comics were based around that setting. As of November 2016, I am moving (or haved moved) to the middle of the desert in Utah. If you find the change in pace from “11. Drawing” to “12. Moving” quite jarring, then that’s your reason.


As of right now, Shenanigans: A Life is mostly based on my experiences, both good and bad, in high school. This means that people who I know in real life are or could be in the comic at some point! I will usually contact guest stars by email, but if I end up posting something featuring you without your permission, I will take it down until you OK it (and if you don’t, it will remain offline, which is fine). Those whose likenesses are represented in Shenanigans will not have any personal information, such as names or addresses, mentioned on the site (unless you ask me to). If someone is featured enough, they may earn a Character page, at which point I will consult them on the content and illustration for said page.

If you would like to be in the comic/have a Character page, I will need to talk to you in-person or over email about it. Knowing me personally would be a prerequisite to being a guest star.


I’m open to any commissions of work you send me via email (see “contact information”). Keep in mind that I mostly work with cartoons of the specific style you see in my comics, and that I’m technologically limited (see “technical specifications). Commissioned artwork might have to be within these perimeters, especially if you’re asking for an ultra-realistic portrait of yourself. Otherwise, I’m free to be flexible and see how I can change my style to accommodate for commissioned pieces.

I also can’t do others’ work for free… so, depending on the size and type of work you request, there might will be a price range involved. And I will never produce vulgar, obscene, revealing, or indecent commissioned artwork. There are plenty of people who can make that on DeviantArt.

Depending on the commission, the piece might be featured in a blog post on this website. If you wish it to remain private, make a note of it in your email and we’ll work something out.

All artwork currently on the website is owned by myself and Dustlander Productions. The media on dustlander.com is prohibited for professional and personal use without my consent. That means, if you want to use it, contact me about it first. If I say no, then, too bad, so sad.


So far, Shenanigans comic strips (and similar pieces) have been created using the Pen Tool on Microsoft OneNote, then saved as images and touched up in external editors (Microsoft Paint during my freshman year, and GIMP 2 from “6. Ideas” onward). GIFs are created using similar technology (frame-by-frame animation) and GIF makers on either imgflip.com or gifmaker.me.

Sketches are made with good old-fashioned pencil and paper (crazy, right?).


If you need to contact me for any reason (besides spam and including commissions), email me at dustlander@outlook.com. Those who know me personally may choose from a variety of real-life methods and other addresses (which I will not list) to let me know how the blog is doing.

That’s it! Happy reading, folks!


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