Hello Internet! Welcome to the Dustlander Productions website, home of the webcomic formerly known as Shenanigans: A Life (you can just call it Dustlander Comics). I started the comic in 2015 to document my experiences in high school and have updated it sporadically ever since.

Whether or not you were looking for this website, I’m happy to have you. This has been a great place to show off my work over the years and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon. That being said, I’m hard at work studying animation at BYU at the moment, so the comic and site are constantly on semi-hiatus.

My biggest projects are probably the main comic, Ironwood (an animated series), and The Spawning Years (a novel).

The site’s design is a bit outdated, so unless you’re into the behind-the-scenes blog posts, I highly recommend my social media!

Facebook: Dustlander Productions
Twitter: @TheDustlander
Instagram: @thedustlander
DeviantArt: Dustlander
YouTube: Dustlander
Tapastic: Dustlander Comics
Email: dustlander@outlook.com

Commissions are open! I have a few different styles and mediums for you to choose from. Pricing is determined by style and size. I really wish I could work for free, but I’m a broke college kid with little to no time. Can you blame me?

I don’t draw smut.

Everything posted to the website is owned by me; please email me if you’d like to use something somewhere. Commissions exist in this weird nebulous state of belonging to both me and you.

Technical Specifications:

2015-2016: Lenovo Yoga, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Paint, GIMP 2
2017-2018: iPad Pro, Adobe Sketch, GIMP 2
2019+: iPad Pro, Procreate, GIMP 2

I’ve also dabbled in Apple Notes on the iPad Pro, but it’s nothing to sneeze at.

Need to contact me? Feel free to message me on social media or shoot me an email at dustlander@outlook.com if you need a commission or just want to talk!

That’s it! Happy reading, folks!

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