The Boss of All Bosses

Hey! Tell me what you think about the new “red paint strokes” filter on the right. I think I’ll get more experimental with the “alternate” sketches from now on. (This time around, it was inspired by this failed cutout.)

So far, I haven’t done much to flesh out the antagonists of each of my projects: The ForgingMoon ManThe Steampunks, and Ironwood. Sure, I’ve got rough ideas for each, but this is the first time I’ve really got down to revealing one. Unfortunately for our main character Vincent Cannon, his world of Ironwood is the first to receive a clear enemy.

Introducing Big Boss–a figure surrounded by mystery and intrigue (who I named prior to hearing about the Metal Gear Solid character of the same name). He’s rarely seen by the general public, and even out in the open he makes his presence discreet with a jet-black trench coat and fedora. The sunglasses complete the look; what’s not evident in this picture is that the Boss has engineered a way for the lenses to glow an eerie red (thanks to a set of experimental LEDs).

This character, who’s also mysteriously referred to as the King of New York, has been a lot of fun to design and work with. Probably the most interesting part is how connected he is to Ironwood‘s lore; even before the main story picks up in the summer of 1989, Big Boss’ work behind the scenes has already dictated the allegiances of multiple characters and changed the course of Vincent’s journey (starting with the Night When Everyone Died in 1985–more on that later). Needless to say, the Big Boss doesn’t pull any punches and will be a worthy adversary for the hero Vincent as the events of Ironwood unfold.


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