There Can Be Only One

Hmm. I’ma have to write this quick, because my brother wants to get on the computer. Not Cal, mind you–another one. Hopefully he’ll be introduced in the sophomore year of Shenanigans: A Life.

Anyways. Meet Hera Runde, our replacement for Harold McClinton (the dude from Keep Running) and the new protagonist of my fantasy project, The Forging. I’ve been working on said project for about six years now–since I was nine or ten–but she’s actually a remarkably new addition to the series, despite being the main character and all.

I won’t spoil too much, but a decade ago, Hera’s parents and best friend were tragically killed when their village was attacked by thieves. Luckily, Hera’s been training all her life to protect the weak from such fates, and she’s finally got a lead on to who caused the deaths in the first place. Donning her father’s prized suit of armor, she’s ready to enter the Forge, a championship of warriors held every hundred years, and avenge her family once and for all. Will fate guide her on her quest? Only time will tell.

And with that, I’m off! But enjoy the modified version of the sketch once more. I won’t be making these forever!


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