Coming Soon!

Coming Soon Dustlander

I suppose this is about 24 hours late, but you should just be glad I got it online before the last day of school!

That’s right, guys. I’m taking a break from Shenanigans: A Life. Not voluntarily, of course–we’re required to turn in our school computers tomorrow as they are, well, school property. I’ve been drawing the regular strips and other digital art on my school laptop, so all artwork of that type will have to wait until September.

But if you think is getting shut down, you couldn’t be more wrong! Not only am I expanding to the extremely well-known DeviantArt community (and I’ve already done so–check out everything I’ve put on there here!), but I am also going to keep the site running. If I get internet access through my home computer (which is unlikely, but possible), I may even be able to scan in and post the dozens of sketches that I’ve put work into over the year. Trust me, it’s good stuff! You won’t want to miss it.

Along with the sketches are a few “secret” projects I’m working on. They’re much more story-driven, face-paced and action-filled than SaL will ever be, so I’m going to need more time before actually starting their comic art. Still, be aware that some of the characters from these projects, including the newly-reworked Project LEGEND and the slightly-revealed Project STEAMPUNK, will likely make appearances in sketch posts. Another reason you won’t want to let Dustlander Productions get, well, too dusty.

That’ll be it for now. But I’d like to thank everyone that made this first year of Shenanigans: A Life and Dustlander Productions a success. Shoutouts to my friends and family, including Lauren, Aiden, Caleb, Maslin, Alexa, and Anthony–you know who you are! 🙂

Stay classy, everyone, and here’s hoping September doesn’t roll around too quickly!

– Dustlander


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