Keep Running

Well, here we are with my first post not related to Shenanigans: A Life! This is some of my older work–finished before “1. Compliment” was even released–but I’m still quite happy with how it turned out. The cel-shading/color-shading/shading (I’m not sure what to call it at this point) ended up being particularly good-looking.

That said, there still appears to be a lot of similarities between this character and Art, SaL‘s protagonist. Messy brown hair? Check. Blue shirt? Check. Worried expression 90% of the time? Check. That’s because this guy is based on the same person, albeit developed when this person was only 10 years old. I’ll let you figure out the rest.

And what of the sword and the arrow…? Did this kid get lost in Middle-Earth or something? All will be revealed in this character’s comic, codenamed Project LEGEND for… reasons. The book isn’t my main priority right now, but once SaL is on a roll I might have more time to work on it.

Expect even more artwork that’s unrelated to Shenanigans soon! I, for one, am looking forward to it!


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